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Tips for the dreaded back light & dark ambience.

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Published by Mervyn Jack in Wedding planning · 3 December 2020
Tags: weddinglighting
When planning your wedding ceremony or reception, be aware of how sunlight behind the bride and groom will affect photos and videos.
It might look lovely to our human eyes to have a sunset slowly setting behind the bridal table, but to a camera it's a different story.
If you have to set up with the sun behind you, see if you can get a semi-transparent curtain drawn, or be prepared for some lights facing the bridal table for those nice balanced shots.

If you would like a low light ambience wedding reception, lit by a few candles and small lights, then there will need to be some compromises for best video picture quality.
Yes today’s cameras are very good in low light but nothing beats the quality picture of a properly lit subject. So discuss it with your videographer to compromise, be it low contrast pictures or the videographer setting up some strategic lights for the speeches and other moments at the wedding reception festivities.

Happy planning.

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