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Special wedding dates for 2021

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Published by Mervyn Jack in Wedding planning · 30 November 2020
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What are the best dates for a wedding in 2021, and they aren't all Saturdays?
  • Friday 1st January 2021.            01/01/21, lets start at the beginning, what a date to remember, New Years day.
  • Saturday 2nd January 2021.       02/01/21, all the twos and ones. Unavailable, we are booked.
  • Wednesday 20th January 2021. 20/01/21, Fancy a midweek knot tying. You won't forget this date.
  • Monday 1st February 2021.        01/02/21, Yet another top date for a midweek wedding.
  • Sunday 14th February 2021.      14/02/21, Valentines day, perfect for lovers.
  • Saturday 20th February 2021.    20/02/21, Easy to remember Saturday.
  • Sunday 21st February 2021,       21/02/21, An even easier to remember date. POPULAR!
  • Saturday 6th March to Monday 8th March. VIC, SA, ACT, TAS public holiday on the Monday, so a long weekend.
  • Sunday 21st March 2021.            21/03/21, Easy to remember.
  • Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April. EASTER weekend. A great weekend for travellers to a wedding.
  • Saturday 12th June to Monday 14th June. Queens birthday long weekend. (VIC & NSW)
  • Saturday 21st August 2021.            21/08/21, the ONLY Saturday falling on 21st of the month.
  • Also keep in mind any other day that is the 21st of the month.

Happy Planning.

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