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Is it a wedding video or a wedding film?

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Published by Mervyn Jack in Wedding videography · 10 December 2020
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Wedding Video or Film?
People often ask, what is the difference between a wedding video and a wedding film?
Well, nothing really.
Almost all wedding videos are recorded on a video camera, be it a traditional video camera, a DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, or a digital cinema video camera. The all save the moving picture in a video file which is imported into a computer for editing to a finished product.
Traditional video camera’s usually have a built in zoom lens and are great for quick setup and recording long sequences.
The digital cinema cameras have interchangeable lenses and are usually quite expensive, harder to operate but result in a higher quality picture.
Digital SLR or the more modern mirrorless versions are primarily still photograph cameras that have evolved to be able to do high quality video recording, sometimes matching digital cinema cameras. They are lightweight and versatile for getting creative shots and are a popular choice for wedding videographers, or film makers.
Wedding videographers will sometimes call their products a film, due to a variety of factors.
They may only make a short ‘film’ type of video, being very creative in some way, or they may only shoot at 24 frames per second, the traditional movie film frame rate, or they just might like to call themselves a film maker. There’s nothing wrong with any of those reasons and if I get creatively inspired on a one, I might call it a film too, but for now I choose to call myself a videographer, which is more descriptive of the type of work we do.
We capture as much as possible of the important parts of the wedding day so a highlight video or longer documentary edit can be created as you desire.

Feel free to call or email me to enquire about having your beautiful day captured.
Happy wedding planning.

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